Week 1

Hey there! It’s week 1! I hope you are as excited as I am to get this started! 

My amazing mom has decided to do the food portion with me which I am so glad! 

Basically what I’m going to do is post a weeks worth of recipes! Along with what I’m going to do this first week for exercise! 

So for the first week… Drum roll please…


Chose any that you like! I like to make the scones and then eat them along with my other breakfast items. I kind of keep breakfast simple 🙂 

  • Blueberry Scones
  • Breakfast Omlette/Bowl with Sausage, Eggs, Spinach, and Cherry Tomatoes (I like to get the Jimmy Dean pre-cooked sausage and throw it in my pan with Eggs, spinach, a cut-in-half chery tomatoes) 
  • Eggs, Bacon, and Grilled Bell Peppers (2-3 eggs cooked however you like, bacon, and grilled bell peppers)


For lunches I do specific recipes, but I also do leftovers from dinner the night before! Up to you what you would like to do. 



  • Monday: CARDIO! Haha! Up to you what you would like to do from running to bicycling! I will be running. Trying to work myself back up to run a 5K. I downloaded an app that really helps me called “From Couch to 5K.” I talks to you and let’s you know when to walk/run and lets you play your own music while you are doing it.
  • Tuesday: Strength! I will be doing T25 to start off with and then in a month I will be switching to Crossfit! Find a class that works for you. I like doing classes because I find that I am more apt to go when I have people holding me accountable. 
  • Wednesday: CARDIO AGAIN!
  • Thursday: Strength!
  • Friday: Yoga!! It’s such a great way to streach at the end of the week and get that strength training in a different way! 

Alright guys! That’s it for the week! I’ll try to update every day with pictures and tips and such! 🙂 

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